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Ever wonder why a legacy phone call from Houston to Midland has a charge, or why we have to dial 10 numbers? Do you know why we don't buy stamps for e- mail, or why everyone's e-mail address or Instant Messaging Address doesn't have to be 10 characters? What is the technical and legal difference between Vonage's business plan and model and Skype's? This class provides for a foundation of understanding the policy and legal questions surrounding today's use communications technologies. It also examines whether or not the legal system is helping or hurting the current stated economic and policy goal of "Competition." Student should "not be afraid" of technology and technical terms, a PC is required in the second half of the class. Grades will be based on the following: 1. Class participation and preparation (10%); 2. Midterm (35%); 3. Final (55%).

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Thursday 2:30 - 4:20 pm TNH 3.114
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room
Midterm 10/25/07 2:30 pm A-Z
Final 12/13/07 1:30 pm A-Z

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Feldman, Lowell P Feldman, Lowell P