Agency, Partnerships & LLCs

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Agency law principles are increasingly important as various forces try to identify responsibility and liability in myriad organizational frameworks from the closely-held business to the largest corporations. The rapid proliferation of unincorporated business forms has moved beyond the scope of traditional Corporations and Business Associations courses, which leaves students without the necessary knowledge and exposure to competently advise business clients whether in a transactional or litigation context. This course developed as a consequence of the increasing significance of (1) Agency and (2) Unincorporated Business Associations and the realization that they cannot be adequately covered as an afterthought to (3) Corporations, the traditional approach in courses that purport to cover all three topics. This course was designed to fill the aforementioned widening gaps in the existing business law curriculum. This course provides in-depth coverage of agency law principles, partnerships, limited liability companies and other unincorporated business entities. There are no prerequisites. Given the in-depth coverage of non-corporate topics, this course may be taken by students who are taking or who have taken a course titled Business Associations.

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Monday, Tuesday 12:30 - 1:45 pm TNH 2.138
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Final 12/12/07 8:30 am A-Z

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