SMNR: Nondiscrimination/Affirmative Action

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This seminar is about nondiscrimination (also called affirmative action, reverse discrimination or positive discrimination) on the basis of race, gender and sexual orientation... It has been asserted that the United States is characterized by the interaction of three essential characteristics: the passion for equality, the prominence of racial divisions and the central role of law in the settling of conflicts. Looking at that interaction necessarily involves looking at how the law defines equality; what it requires the society to provide in particular contexts and how the law has attempted to "remedy" inequalities in some of these contexts. We will consider these questions in the jurisprudence in the areas of education, employment and sexual conduct including the right to marry. We will also read commentary of both legal and philosophical scholars. This is a writing seminar. At the end of the term you will be expected to submit a paper of approximately 30 pages, excluding footnotes, on a topic approved by the instructor and present a summary of your paper to the class. Your grade will be based on your class participation (25%) and your final paper (75%).

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Monday 3:30 - 5:20 pm TNH 3.129
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Wiseman, Zipporah B Wiseman, Zipporah B