Environmental Law & Natural Resources

Class Unique: 27805
Environmental Law and Natural Resources is a three credit course devoted to the study of state and federal laws and policies governing the preservation, conservation, and commercial use of natural resources. We will explore the state and federal limitations placed on the use and exploitation of natural resources by private owners. We will also examine the theory and practice behind state and federal ownership of natural resources, and the licensing of publicly owned natural resources for private commercial use. And, of course, we will discuss the legal protection of natural resources that are not owned at all -- such as endangered species. A primary focus of the course will be decision-making processes and authority: as between the federal government, state governments, and private property owners, who should make decisions about the use and/or conservation of our natural resources?

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Meeting Days Time Location
Wednesday, Thursday 12:30 - 1:45 pm TNH 3.125
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room
Final 5/8/08 8:30 am A-Z

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