International Commercial Contracts

Class Unique: 28310
CLASS MEETS APRIL 7-25. This course provides an introduction to the law relating to international commercial contracts. A major focus will be on contracts of sales, as codified by the 1980 Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG). However, more general issues of the law of contracts will also be covered in detail (eg formation, interpretation, third party rights, or the duty of good faith and fair dealing). The treatment of these topics will mostly be based on an examination of the 2004 UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts (PICC). The approach is comparative, and examples will be drawn from both the decisions of national courts and arbitral awards of international arbitral institutions, with a view toward providing the student with a working knowledge of the area.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:47 - 10:20 am TNH 2.124
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Final 4/30/08 1:30 pm A-Z

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Vogenauer, Stefan Vogenauer, Stefan