SMNR: Reforming Tort Law

Reforming Tort Law is an intensive writing seminar for students who want to polish their writing, editing, and rhetorical skills. A substantial amount of time (and of the grade) will be devoted to the writing component of the seminar, which will involve writing short passages and critiquing and editing those passages, in addition to writing a traditional seminar paper. The premise is that writing skills, like legal skills, can be improved through analysis, study, and experience. The substantive focus of the seminar will not be on legislation that has already been passed, but on more thoroughgoing changes that would make tort law more rational, more efficient, and more just. Students will be encouraged to write papers that rethink fundamental concepts of tort law, such as duty, causation, scope of liability, standards of care, shared responsibility, fault, and compensation. Each student will write a major paper on a topic related to the goal of improving tort law.

Class Details

Meeting Days Time Location
Wednesday 3:30 - 5:20 pm JON 6.203
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room

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