Modern American Political Campaign

This course will examine how political campaigns are conducted, analyzed, and covered, why campaigns operate the way they do, and the implications for our political system. The course will discuss the role of money in politics, the impact of race, the nature and impact of advertising, how polls serve as campaign tools and affect the shape of the campaign agenda and press coverage, the changing nature of the media's role and how people make their political decisions and get information, and the way campaign narratives are told during and after the race. We will be concerned with how voter choices are affected by campaigns, the selection of issues and messages and their delivery, and the more recent impact of independent expenditures, the internet, focus groups, push-polls, and more. The course will be taught by three instructors: Sherri Greenberg, elected to five terms as a member of the Texas House of Representatives from 1991-2001, Wayne Slater, longtime political reporter for the Dallas Morning News and co- author of the Karl Rove biographer "Bush's Brain"; and Paul Stekler, political documentary filmmaker whose films include "Last Man Standing," "Vote for Me," and "George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire." They'll be joined by a number of guests who have been active in state and national campaigns, both Democratic and Republican, for what we hope will be lively and informed discussions. ENROLLMENT: Enrollment will be limited to 25 LBJ School students, 25 Law School students, and 25 Communication College graduate students. Additional seats may be available.

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Tuesday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm TCC 3.110

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Stekler, Paul J Stekler, Paul J
Greenberg, Sherri R Greenberg, Sherri R