SMNR: Entertainment Litigation/Contractual

Class Unique: 29235
The seminar will focus primarily on a sampling of basic contracts in the music, television and motion picture industry and the unique litigation that can arise out of these contracts and in these industries. Because the entertainment industry brings together a variety of interests, people and ideas, the seminar will include discussions about copyright, incitement, right of publicity, and other unique areas of the law. The first half of the semester, there will be several guest lectures who have been involved in the production and the legal aspects of the industry. The last half of the semester will be devoted to student oral reports on a variety of topics germane to the entertainment industry. The reports are approximately fifty (50) minutes in length. Topics are chosen by the students in consultation with the professor. Students will also be required to write a paper on some aspect of their oral reports in order to satisfy the writing requirement for graduation. THIS COURSE WAS PREVIOUSLY TAUGHT AS "ENTERTAINMENT LAW" AND CANNOT BE REPEATED FOR CREDIT. NOTE: Students must fill out an application to be eligible for admission. The professor will then select the twelve students who will be in the seminar.

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Tuesday 5:30 - 7:20 pm TNH 3.127
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room

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Prather, Laura L. Prather, Laura L.