Circuit Court Precedent II

Continuing Issues in Circuit Court Precedent: Fifth Circuit Media Project This 2-credit-hour course, graded pass/fail, is intended to continue student involvement in the Fifth Circuit Media Project and involves students in the active monitoring and dissemination to the public of Fifth Circuit case law. The course is conducted in coordination with the Fifth Circuit Media Project, established in response to an initiative by the American Bar Association and its Standing Committee on Federal Judicial Improvements. The purpose of the ABA's Media Project is to heighten public awareness and understanding of the federal courts. Students will work with the professor to track the Fifth Circuit's agenda, review litigant briefs when they become available on PACER, and write case synopses for eventual dissemination to the media via the ABA's Media Project website. Students will also work with judges from the Ninth, Fifth and Third Circuits, court personnel on the Fifth Circuit, and other professors from Arizona, California and Pennsylvania who are also involved in the ABA Media Project. The course will familiarize students with federal appellate procedure, with the circuit courts' institutional structure and processes, and with the development of circuit law. "Circuit Court Precedent I" will not be a required prerequisite for "Circuit Court Precedent II", but students are strongly urged to take both courses in sequence. Restricted enrollment. Email Professor Lindquist ( for permission to register for this course.

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Friday 8:30 - 10:20 am TNH 3.114
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room

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Pass/Fail Mandatory


Lindquist, Stefanie A Lindquist, Stefanie A
Oster, Leslie A Oster, Leslie A