Sales Law

Class Unique: 29515
This course will give students a practical introduction to sales law through team-based problem solving. The class will be constituted as associate in-house counsel for a company manufacturing equipment for the energy industry. After a boot-camp introduction to the industry, sales law, drafting, and the responsibilities of in-house counsel, the students will work in teams to solve sales-law-related problems that arise in the company. The class will meet twice a week for the first part of the semester, and once a week thereafter. Students will be expected to do a great deal of work with their teams outside of class. The grade will be based on the team projects, a test of blackletter sales law, and a final exam that is similar to the problems dealt with during the semester.

Class Details

Meeting Days Time Location
Tuesday 3:30 - 5:10 pm JON 6.201
Friday 10:30 am - 12:10 pm JON 6.201
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room
Take-home 5/12/11

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Kadens, Emily E Kadens, Emily E