Texas Civil Procedure: Survey

Class Unique: 29235
This is an advanced civil procedure course, focusing on the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. It provides a survey of the rules governing civil litigation in the Texas state courts, including pleadings, forum selection, discovery, summary judgment, jury charge, judgments and appeals. The course is essential for any student planning a litigation practice in Texas. It is helpful for any student who plans a litigation practice anywhere. Although the Texas rules have significant differences from the Federal Rules, most of the issues addressed in the class are similar to those addressed in all state courts. Also, the course provides an in depth study of issues, such as discovery, that are virtually identical in any American civil litigation system. Most students find that it is helpful to take this course during their second year, before their summer work experience and before they take advanced advocacy courses. Prerequisite: Federal Civil Procedure.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 12:30 - 1:37 pm TNH 2.124
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Final 12/15/11 8:30 am A-Z

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Albright, Alexandra W Albright, Alexandra W