Animal Law

Class Unique: 29290
Is there a place in the law for consideration of the interests of animals? This course will examine the jurisprudential basis and theoretical underpinnings of the current status of animals in our legal system. It is not an animal rights course. Students will read a diverse cross-section of legal theory and case law delving into controversial moral, ethical, and public policy considerations in balancing interests of animals and humans. Thus, the course will examine the developing field of animal law through the prism of traditional legal disciplines, including torts, contracts, criminal, regulatory, administrative, and constitutional law. This course will be graded on regular class attendance and participation, as well as on one substantive paper approximately 25 pages long and a class presentation. NOTE: DOES NOT SATISFY WRITING SEMINAR REQUIREMENT.

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Monday 6:00 - 7:50 pm TNH 3.126
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Hightower, Susan J. Hightower, Susan J.