Employment Law

Class Unique: 28995
This course will examine the legal doctrines governing employment relations outside of the collective bargaining (unionism) arena. The course will begin with the development of the common-law doctrine of at-will employment. The course will then turn to the various means by which the doctrine of free market control of employment has been unraveling, in terms of the recasting of common law contract and tort exceptions to at-will employment. The course then will explore selected discrete areas of the employment relationship including employment-condition rights, employment discrimination, pension law and rights and post-employment restrictions. There are no prerequisites for this course. Students may take this course as well as the labor law and employment discrimination courses.

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Wednesday, Thursday 11:50 am - 1:05 pm JON 5.206
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Final 5/7/13 8:30 am A-Z

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Carson, Loftus Carson, Loftus