Business Associations (Enriched)

Class Unique: 29225
This is the enriched, five-unit version of the basic introductory and survey course in the corporations/business organizations area; there are no prerequisites whatsoever. This course considers issues relating to the selection of business form (e.g., partnership, limited partnership, corporation, and limited liability partnership), as well as the formation, financing, operation, and control of business organizations. Primary emphasis is placed on conducting business in the corporate form. The course examines corporate governance and other matters associated with both closely held corporations and publicly held corporations. Corporate governance stems from the interplay of market forces and the legal landscape; the latter stems in part from a mix of common law principles, state and federal statutes, and Securities and Exchange Commission rules, and shareholder litigation. Certain litigation, market, regulatory, and transactional issues covered in Business Associations (Enriched) are not covered in either Business Associations or Corporations. This course also has a greater focus on publicly-held corporations and modern corporate and financial developments. This enriched course does NOT require any prior business-related undergraduate coursework or any work experience in business-related matters. A student may not receive credit for both Corporations and Business Associations or Business Associations (Enriched).

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Meeting Days Time Location
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:50 - 9:00 am TNH 3.129
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room
Final 12/13/13 8:30 am A-Z

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  • Corporations and Other Business Organizations: 2013 Statutes and Rules - M. Eisenberg
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  • Sales store materials