U.S. Commercial Arbitration

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U.S. COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION: PRINCIPLES & PRACTICE Millions of business contracts provide for arbitration as the method of resolving disputes. Typically, the parties include a future-disputes clause in their contract, which specifies the rules under which the arbitration will be conducted should a dispute arise. Private dispute resolution processes like arbitration and mediation are increasingly popular, because they are generally less expensive and time-consuming than litigation, the proceedings are usually confidential, and the arbitrators who preside over the cases are chosen by the parties and generally have considerable expertise. This course is an introduction to the law of U.S. commercial arbitration and practical skills necessary to effectively represent clients in arbitration proceedings. Through some traditional (and not so traditional) teaching methods, students will learn substantive law and practical written and oral advocacy techniques and practice with real world problems. We will discuss arbitrations involving the sales of goods and services. We will also discuss arbitrations involving sports, entertainment, construction, employment, consumers, securities, domain names, and franchises. Grading will be based on class participation and writing assignments, including a final paper. This class will meet once/ week. There are no course prerequisites.

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Wednesday 3:45 - 6:15 pm TNH 3.142
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  • Custom Print: Arbitration Select pages from Resolving Disputes 2e - Folberg/Golann/Stipanowich/Kloppenberg
      Aspen , edition: 2nd
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