Legal Research & Legal Writing

Class Unique: 29105
The course covers legal research, the writing of appellate briefs, and oral argument before appellate courts.

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Monday, Thursday 10:30 - 11:37 am TNH 3.124
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room

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  • A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy - Beazley
      Aspen , edition: 5th
  • The five types of legal argument - Huhn
      Carolina Academ Press , edition: 2nd
  • Manual on Usage and Style - Texas L. Rev.
      TLR ass'n , edition: 12th
  • The Bluebook - Columbia Law Rev. and others
      Columbia Law Rev. Ass'n , edition: lastest
  • The Greenbook: Texas Rules of Form - Texas Law Rev.
      Tex. Law Rev. Ass'n , edition: latest