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Negotiation is a fundamental skill in the practice of law. Litigators negotiate settlement in far more cases than they try. For transactional lawyers, the negotiation of documents is the bedrock of their practice. This course is designed to teach practical negotiating skills. The course will examine theories of negotiation, negotiation strategies, and cultural and gender issues in negotiation. The course is designed to teach students skills to identify and avoid common negotiation mistakes, techniques for dealing with difficult negotiators, and techniques for dealing with impasse. Learning to negotiate skillfully is like learning to ride a bike. One can read about it, but one cannot learn to do it without getting on the bike. Likewise one cannot learn to negotiate without negotiating. This course will provide "hands on" negotiation opportunities using simulated negotiation exercises. These negotiation simulations will focus on typical negotiation problems faced by lawyers such as the settlement of lawsuits and the negotiation of various business transactions. The class format will combine lecture, discussion, and simulations. Because of the structure of the negotiation exercises attendance is mandatory. The grade for this course will be based upon class participation, including simulations, and written assignments. In lieu of a final exam, the students will be asked to prepare a memorandum to a client or supervising partner concerning a negotiation problem.

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Tuesday, Wednesday 9:05 - 10:20 am CCJ 3.306
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Satisfies ABA Professional Skills Requirement


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Schwartz, Suzanne Schwartz, Suzanne
Menicucci, Margaret M Menicucci, Margaret M