Oil and Gas, Advanced

The seminar will focus on agreements among oil and gas companies, including contracts to assign all or part of a lease, farmouts, and joint operating agreements. We will consider how the traditional agreements should be modified in order to deal with horizontal drilling. Some time will also be spent on federal and state environmental regulations and regulations of horizontal drilling. If you have already taken my Advanced Oil and Gas seminar, you may not take this course.

Class Details

Meeting Days Time Location
Monday, Tuesday 2:15 - 3:05 pm JON 5.206
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room
Final 5/6/15 1:30 pm A-Z

Additional Information

Course Type
Grading Method
Pass/Fail Not Allowed


  • Forms Manual to Accompany Cases & Materials on Oil & Gas Law - Lowe, Anderson, Smith & Pierce
      West , edition: Latest
  • Cases & Materials on Oil and Gas - Lowe, Anderson, Smith, Pierce & Kulander
      West , edition: 6th
      ISBN: 978-0-314-28516-4   (required)