SMNR: Jury in Theory & Practice

Class Unique: 29200
This seminar explores issues raised by the jury as an institution of democratic justice. Issues to be discussed include: what does it mean for the jury to be a "representative" body of the community? Do jurors divide along racial, gender, and ethnic lines? Is there any "science" in scientific jury selection? Do peremptory challenges serve valid purposes or should they be abolished? Should jurors be permitted to nullify the law in order to render a verdict according to conscience? Do jurors understand and follow their instructions? Why do we require criminal juries to reach unanimous verdicts? Special attention will be given to jury selection and deliberation in death penalty trials.

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Wednesday 3:45 - 5:35 pm TNH 3.129
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room

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  • Billy Budd - Melville, Herman
      ISBN: 97800451526878   (required)
  • We, the Jury - Abramson, Jeffrey
      ISBN: 0-674-00430-2   (required)
  • A Crime of Self Defense - Fletcher, George
      ISBN: 0-226-25334-1   (required)