SMNR: Tax Reform

Class Unique: 29260
The Tax Reform Seminar will talk about changes to the Federal Tax system to improve the efficiency and fairness of the tax base in small and big ways. The Country is running a federal deficit that is too big to be sustained. Congress is not now ready to raise revenue by protecting the tax base, but it will inevitably need to for foreign or domestic needs, to reduce the deficit or to cut tax rates. This is the time to plan. The major graded responsibility (60%) will be a research paper, including both an initial draft and major revisions. But there will be exercises teaching internal rate of return analysis of tax rules, and helping the students digest the reading material. Classes will often be debates on controversial proposals. Federal Income Tax is a prerequisite.

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Monday 3:45 - 5:35 pm TNH 3.128
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room

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Pass/Fail Not Allowed


  • Taxes in America - Burman & Slemrod
      ISBN: 978-0-19-98026-2   (required)