Texas Civil Procedure: Survey

Class Unique: 28590
Texas Civil Procedure: Survey is an advanced litigation course focusing on the Texas Rules of Civil and Appellate Procedure. The course covers pretrial, trial, and appellate procedure in Texas state courts. Unlike first-year Civil Procedure, which focuses on the federal rules and basic concepts, Texas Civil Procedure studies the distinctive Texas rules from an advanced perspective. If you are planning a litigation practice in Texas, this course is essential. The course also helps you prepare for the civil procedure portions of the Texas bar exam. Students may find it helpful to take the course during their second year, before their summer work experience and before they take advanced advocacy courses.

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Meeting Days Time Location
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:10 - 10:00 am TNH 3.125
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room
Final 12/9/15 1:30 pm A-Z

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  • Texas Courts: A Survey - Alex Wilson Albright
      Imprimatur Press , edition: 2015-2016
      ISBN: 978-1-60503-089-0   (required)
  • Course Packet - Sales Office
      edition: 2015