Federal Criminal Law

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This is a one-semester three-unit course about substantive federal criminal law. This course will detail the prosecution and defense of criminal trials in federal court, focusing on the more frequently employed and complex areas, and on current hot topics. Class time will be devoted to mail and wire fraud, public corruption, money laundering, administration of justice offenses, the controlled substances act, and terrorism and weapons offenses. In addition, students will be alerted to the manner in which federal sanctions can be employed against lawyers, banks, and corporations. If time permits, we will review defenses and the plea bargaining system. Your grade will be based primarily upon a floating open-book essay exam, and in part upon a series of in-class oral projects. Second-year students interested in the United States Attorney’s Office internship for their third year should consider taking this class first. This class does not significantly overlap the Advanced Federal Criminal Prosecution seminar, and students are welcome to take both.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:15 - 2:05 pm TNH 2.138
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  • Federal Criminal Law and Its Enforcement - Abrams, Beale, and Klein
      West , edition: 6th
      ISBN: 978-62810-010-5   (required)