Advanced Contracts: Domestic and International Sales

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Advanced Contracts: Domestic and International Sales This is called a course in “Advanced Contracts” in part because the format of an upper-level class will permit us to deal with certain subjects in greater depth and detail than was possible in the first-year Contracts course. In particular, the course will focus on transactions that involve the Sale of Goods---that is, the subject of art. 2 of the UCC. This is of course a subject that is tested on the Bar Exam, and in consequence it is a freestanding subject in most law schools---but which is unlikely to have been treated extensively in the first year. At the same time, it is critical that students who want to engage in transactional work not leave law school without a good introduction to the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods [the CISG]: This is a treaty to which the US is a party---which is likely to govern international transactions entered into between a US company and companies in one of our major trading partners----but which is nevertheless quite different in some respects from our usual American domestic law. However, it is usually not referred to in first-year courses at all. The course will proceed through lecture and discussion; in addition, the materials will at various points contain “problems” for discussion, and it will be necessary for students to have considered and worked these out before they are addressed in class. Because of what I hope to be the interactive nature of the class, enrollment will be limited to 30 students.

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Tuesday, Wednesday 2:15 - 3:30 pm JON 6.207/208
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Final 5/12/16 8:30 am 2.138

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  • Cases and Materials on Sales - Benfield & Greenfield
      Foundation Press , edition: 7th
      ISBN: 13: 978-1628103526   (required)
  • Selected Commercial Statutes For Sales and Contracts Courses - Chomsky, Kunz, Schlitz & Tabb's
      West , edition: 2015
      ISBN: 13: 9781634595513   (required)