Law and Economics

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This course introduces you how to use economic reasoning to analyze legal issues. The course will focus on the common law areas of property, contracts, and tort as well as the legal process and criminal law. Economic analysis of law analyzes legal rules with one main question in mind: how will people and firms respond to a given legal rule? That is, rather than look at the inherent "fairness" or "justness" of a legal rule, law and economics focuses on the incentives that a legal rule creates. The normative aspect of law and economics then asks how legal rules should be structured to create the most desirable incentives.

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Tuesday, Wednesday 9:05 - 10:20 am TNH 3.126
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Final 5/4/16 8:30 am 2.124

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  • Foundations of Economic Analysis of Law - Steven Shavell
      Harvard University Press , edition: first
      ISBN: 0-674-01155-4   (required)