Professional Responsibility

This course explores the roles, rules and responsibilities associated with the practice of law. Topics include professional discipline; the protection of client confidences; the limits of partisanship in litigation; conflicts of interest; access to legal services; and the tension between personal identity and the professional role. This course fulfills the Professional Responsibility requirement for graduation.

Class Details

Meeting Days Time Location
Thursday 3:45 - 5:35 pm TNH 2.139
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room
Final 5/5/16 8:30 am A-Mul

Additional Information

Course Type
Grading Method
Pass/Fail Not Allowed


  • Ethical Lawyering - Hayden
      West (Thomson Reuters) , edition: 3rd Edition (2012)
      ISBN: 978-0-314-91154-4   (required)
  • Model Rules of Professional Conduct - ABA Center for Professional Responsibility
      American Bar Association , edition: 2015 Edition
      ISBN: 978-1-63425-093-1   (required)