SMNR: Music Law

Class Unique: 29535
The seminar will primarily examine various contracts and relationships in the music business. A significant amount of this examination will emanate from a chronological review and discussion of agreements and other legal aspects encountered by a fictitious musical group as it evolves through its career. In order of appearance, these agreements might include band member agreements, personal management agreements, live performance/talent agency agreements, various types of recording agreements, producer agreements, music publishing agreements and licenses for film, television and commercials as well as endorsement and sponsorship agreements. The seminar will also address some basic copyright and trademark concepts as they relate to the music business. Because the music business is constantly changing, current developments, as well as legal decisions and maneuverings, will regularly be assigned for class discussion as they arise. In addition to class readings and discussion, students will participate in several other activities. Specifically, students will (a) select and engage in research on a topic relevant to the legal aspects of the music business; (b) submit a research paper in compliance with the seminar writing requirement; and (c) give an oral presentation to the seminar on their research topic. The professor will assist and consult with students regarding the selection of research topics. Questions and lively discussion of relevant music business issues are encouraged.

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Tuesday 3:45 - 5:35 pm TNH 3.126
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