Real Estate Law Drafting and Negotiations

Class Unique: 28190

The Real Estate Law Drafting and Negotiations course is organized around a case study authored by the instructor based on an actual, recent commercial real estate transaction.  The case study and course will expose the students to the full life-cycle of a real estate development transaction, from due diligence and land acquisition, to construction and lease-up and, utimately, to the disposition of the project to a publically traded real estate investment trust.  Each class is organized around a specific commercial document (Land Purchase Agreement, Lease Agreement, Construction Agreement and Sale Agreement). Although this course will be based on a real estate transaction, most of the concepts discussed in class will be relevant to virtually all business transactions.   After a general discussion of certain legal and business concepts contained in the applicable legal document, each week, designated students, with the assistance of the instructor, will participate in a mock negotiating session focused on specific issues related to the applicable document.  The student-led negotiating sessions are designed to reinforce material legal issues presented in the class lecture and to introduce the students to strategic and business considerations.  Although a business background is not required to take the course, the class is designed to introduce students to commercial considerations related to business transactions and the associated documentation (e.g. cap rates and tenant credit considerations) and to illustrate how the business terms drive, in many respects, the legal documentation. 

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Thursday 2:15 - 4:05 pm JON 6.206
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Final 5/3/18 1:30 pm A-Z

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