Water for Everyone Workshop

Class Unique: 28340

     This course presents the opportunity for students to engage in directed study and research linked to the seminar of the same name offered this term. Concurrent enrollment in the seminar is requisite to enrollment in this advanced component and an interview with the instructor is required.

     Student evaluation will be based on a final research paper that may be offered in fulfillment of the terms of both this course and the seminar or a separate research paper may be written for each. All topics must have the approval of the instructor. Paper publication will be encouraged, as will be commitment, resourcefulness, and the energetic pursuit of the chosen subject of inquiry, as the paper or papers should demonstrate.

     This course will meet at a time shortly after the conclusion of the seminar for seven weeks that may not run consecutively.

Class Details

Meeting Days Time Location
Wednesday 5:45 - 6:35 pm JON 6.257
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room

Additional Information

Course Type
Grading Method
Pass/Fail Not Allowed
Will use floating mean GPA if applicable