America's Struggling Middle Class

Class Unique: 28425

This class will focus on a variety of subjects that will explore why America’s middle-class struggles to achieve the American Dream. Topics we will explore: how labor laws have helped create and maintain the income inequality gaps, how housing laws have helped created economically (and racially) segregated neighborhoods, and how education laws make it harder for high school and college students to graduate and be prepared to succeed in the current labor market. Readings will be of diverse types and may include excerpts from books, law review articles, government reports, empirical studies, and popular writings (including news articles or blog entries). Evaluation is based on a series of short assignments and a final paper.

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Tuesday, Thursday 2:15 - 3:30 pm TNH 2.140
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Pass/Fail Not Allowed
Will use floating mean GPA if applicable


  • No materials required