Sports Law

Class Unique: 28140

This ourse will cover various legal and business aspects of professional sports, the Olympics and amateur sports (i.e., intercollegiate athletics).   Although we will focus primarily on domestic sports organizations, prominent international sports entities will be covered as well.  Business and legal topics covered include league ownership and structure, antitrust law, labor law and collective bargaining, torts, contracts, agency, media issues and intellectual property, NCAA and conference alignment, and gender equity (Title IX). Class lecture and discussion may include speakers from the sports industry.   Sports legal issues that then-currently in the news will be examined in class as well.   A general knowledge of sports is recommended but not required.

Class Details

Meeting Days Time Location
Thursday 4:15 - 6:05 pm TNH 3.125
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room
Final 12/18/19 1:30 pm 2.123

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Will use floating mean GPA if applicable


  • Sports and the Law - Weiler, Roberts, Abrams, Ross
      West Academic Publishing , edition: Sixth Edition
      ISBN: 978-1-64020-235-1   (required)