Alternative Dispute Resolution

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ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (3 HOUR COURSE) The Alternative Dispute Resolution Survey course is designed to provide a broad-based introduction to negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, for students interested in either advocacy or transactional practices.  ADR methods are now more common than the courtroom for resolving civil disputes; more than 99% of civil cases are settled before trial, if cases are even filed at the courthouse. Many commercial agreements now contain mandatory mediation/arbitration provisions, and statutory and case law both favor ADR. This course will examine the policy and business reasons for the rise in ADR; explore the various ADR methods; discuss negotiating and why lawyers must learn successful negotiating skills; and provide students with an opportunity to experience these concepts through class exercises. The professor is a 30-year litigation attorney with substantial experience to both trial and ADR disputes, and he brings a practical, real-world approach to the lectures and exercises. There will be no exam, but a final paper is required. Class grading will be based upon class participation, attendance, and the final project. Please note:  Electronic devices are not permitted. Students may only miss two classes per semester, additional absences will be reflected in a lower grade.

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Tuesday, Thursday 2:15 - 3:30 pm TNH 3.140
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Pass/Fail Allowed
Will use floating mean GPA if applicable
Satisfies ABA Professional Skills Requirement
  • 3 credit hours count toward ABA Experiential Learning Requirement

  • Textbooks

    • Getting to Yes - Roger Fisher and William Ury
        Penguin Books
        ISBN: 978-0-14-311875-6   (required)