The Politics of Siting Energy Facilities

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Class Unique: 28195
Online-only Class Unique: 28182

The 28195 section of this course will be taught in person but with the option of occasional remote participation via Zoom.  If students require all remote participation, they must register for the 28182 section of this course, which is identical but web-based.

This one credit hour seminar will use documentary films and readings to explore the nature of political conflict surrounding the siting and construction of energy facilities, such as pipelines, wind farms, transmission lines, nuclear power plants, and fossil fueled energy production facilities.  There will be six, two-hour class meetings, and grades will based upon participation and a series of short (1-2 page) papers students write analyzing the conflicts depicted in the films.  We will view documentaries about the Cape Wind project in Nantucket sound, the Dakota Access Pipe Line, nuclear power, fracking, and more.  Readings will consist of some classic works exploring the nature of “not in my backyard“ (NIMBY) movements, risk perception, internet “filter bubbles,”and environmental justice.

Class Details

Short course from 8/31/20 through 10/19/20

Meeting Days Time Location
Monday 1:30 - 3:30 pm TNH 3.125
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room

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Pass/Fail Mandatory


  • No materials required