Professional Responsibility

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Class Unique: 29430

This course will be taught entirely online via Zoom.

This survey course on lawyers' professional responsibilities is centered on two premises: (1) The practice of law is a business as well as a profession, and economic incentives therefore matter; and (2) more than 90 percent of all lawsuits settle. Thus, we will give special attention to the economic aspects of the attorney-client relationship and the various incentives that existing ethical Rules provide both lawyers and clients. We will also pay particular attention to a wide range of ethical issues surrounding the settlement process.

The course will cover most of the material that is typically tested on the MPRE.  In previous years, students all reported feeling well prepared for, and doing well on, the MPRE.

This course fulfills the Professional Responsibility requirement for graduation.

The exam format will depend on what is ultimately permitted by the university.  If current regulations continue, the exam will be a time-limited (likely 3 hours) exam with a mix of word-limited long essay questions and word-limited short answer questions.

Class Details

Meeting Days Time Location
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:45 - 8:39 am ONLINE
Evaluation Method Date Time Alpha Range Room
Final 5/7/21

Additional Information

Course Type
Grading Method
Pass/Fail Not Allowed
Will use floating mean GPA if applicable


  • Professional Responsibility, Standards, Rules, and Statutes, Abridged, 2020-2021 - Dzienkowski, John S.
      West Academic , edition: 2020
      ISBN: 978-1-68467-956-0   (required)