SMNR: Family Law

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WED 3:30 - 5:20 pm TNH 3.129

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This writing seminar is designed to investigate an eclectic variety of family law issues. A research paper may be about:
  1. an aspect of divorce or annulment, with the most likely topics being property issues;
  2. issues involving children, emphasizing custody, support, or abuse and neglect;
  3. the Texas marital property regime;
  4. domestic violence;
  5. issues implicating the practice of law in this subject area;
  6. another other legal, anthropological, sociological, or psychological topic related to the general topic of family law.
Topics likely to stir debate and to advance the law are to be preferred. Note that generally topics that implicate constitutional issues are not approved, especially those that may involve the federal Constitution. Recognizing that Family Law issues go beyond the law on the books, some topics offer an opportunity to leave the library and conduct empirical research to supply the basis of the required paper.