SMNR: Policy Making in the New Political Environment

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WED 2:00 - 5:00 pm SRH 3.220


Why do some public policy reforms succeed where others fail? How do policymakers generate public and political support for a policy idea and subsequently implement it? Reforming public policy requires more than writing good policy white papers or helping elect the “right candidate.” It requires policy entrepreneurship, especially in the rapidly changing political landscape of the 21st century. Policy entrepreneurs understand how to build public support for a defensible yet untested policy idea and maneuver within political realities to implement that idea in a legislative or governing agenda. This course helps aspiring policymakers understand the art of policy entrepreneurship. The course will help you understand what policy entrepreneurship is and what it isn’t and how successful policymaking in the 21st century occurs. We will examine successes and failures and place a special emphasis on how new modes of political communication and strategizing, both in campaigns and in a governing context, contribute to successful policy reforms.