SMNR: Climate Change Law

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MON 3:45 - 5:35 pm JON 6.202


This seminar will explore various aspects of laws that have arisen to address climate change. Those aspects include not only law and regulation, but also relevant topics such as policy, politics, science, technology, and business. The course will begin with the controversy and political nature of climate change and greenhouse gas regulation, whether before legislatures or Congress, regulatory agencies and the courts, or in the press and public opinion. Perhaps no other environmental issue has proven as controversial or to have such global reach. In order to study climate change law, it is necessary to review the science relating to climate change--the scientific research and conclusions of the major scientific institutions and academies concerning climate change and its causes. After gaining an understanding of climate science, the review of legal developments will begin with the international arena, such as international treaties and protocols, and with the European Union and other foreign countries. From international law, the course will then turn to US development of laws and litigation in the states and at the federal level. Because Texas is the largest greenhouse gas emitting state in the union, the legal developments in this state are particularly important, and will be discussed in detail. In the latter part of the class, we will take a more in depth look at the business and technology side of greenhouse gas adaptation and emissions management. This will involve carbon credits, project development and financing of carbon credit projects, emissions trading, carbon capture and storage and other developing technologies to address carbon emissions. Finally, we will review corporate policy and management of climate risk in terms of carbon accounting, greenhouse gas reductions, and mandatory and voluntary climate change disclosure.

Textbooks ( * denotes required )

Carbon Trading Law and Practice *
Oxford University Press , edition: 1st
ISBN: 0769868266


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