Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution

Building Collaboration


"Your Fellows Program trains future leaders on how to focus on big picture issues from both short-term and long-term views. In my former capacity as Chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas and now as Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, my commitment has been to ensure that America's energy markets function reliably and well at this crucial time and for many years to come. My experience with the Fellows Program helped me to understand that to meet this commitment, I had to be a catalyst for people to work together and address the full range of issues needed to ensure a market driven energy supply."
—Pat Wood, III, Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

"I had the fortunate experience of participating in an intense Fellows training at the Center and found it enlightening. Not only did it offer various perspectives and strategies to resolve conflicts, but was able to offer more insight into the true nature of conflict through the various presentations and activities scheduled. Conflict permeates all facets of life, especially in the political arena. It is important to develop and maintain the skills necessary to deal with conflict appropriately and adept enough to know how to resolve it. The Center introduces dispute resolution to those unfamiliar with conflict resolution and sharpens those already proficient in the process with a flawless and comprehensive presentation. I categorically recommend the Center's events and programs to any individual seeking experience in dispute resolution."
—Nancy Fisher, Chief of Staff to Speaker Tom Craddick

"My Fellows training in 1993 has provided continuing benefits. The continuing connection with others working to improve the fairness, transparency and finality of public dispute resolution has enriched my professional life since then. Having been selected as a Fellow has yielded a harvest of benefits, for all of which I am grateful to the Center under your thoughtful and energetic leadership."
—Martha McCabe, General Counsel for Alamo Community College District