Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution

Building Collaboration

Graduate Portfolio Program in Dispute Resolution

Overview and Rationale

Professionals and leaders in every area of society spend substantial amounts of time managing interpersonal and inter-organizational conflict. Dispute resolution professionals practice in a wide range of settings. As an academic area, resolution is multi-disciplinary. Relevant courses may involve law, urban planning, communication theory, organizational development, decision theory, cognitive science, game theory, family systems and many other disciplines. In recognition of this fact, the Graduate Portfolio Program in Dispute Resolution creates an interdisciplinary approach to the study and research of conflict and dispute resolution by integrating existing resources throughout the University into a single program. The program synthesizes theory with practical application.

Program Administration

The Portfolio Program is directed by a Faculty Steering Committee composed of representatives from each of the participating academic units. A member of the faculty steering committee is appointed by the Dean or Department Chair of each participating academic unit.

The day to day administration of the Portfolio Program is performed by the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution, Room 4.124, Townes Hall, The University of Texas School of Law, 727 E. Dean Keeton, Austin, Texas 78705

Notice for Students with Disabilities: The University of Texas at Austin provides upon request appropriate academic accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. For more information, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 471-6259, 471-4641 TTY.

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