Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution

Building Collaboration


A student who is enrolled and who is in good standing in a graduate degree program in any participating academic unit of the University may apply. The student may apply at any time during the student's graduate tenure. Approximately fifteen new students will be admitted each academic year, and there will be an upper limit of sixty (60) students in the program at any one time. Thus, admission is expected to be selective.

To apply the student should:

  1. Complete the application form which can be downloaded from this site.

    Download application form

    Please note that signatures from the student's graduate advisor and the Faculty Steering Committee member from the student's participating academic unit must be obtained prior to submitting the application.
  2. Write a one-page essay describing the relationship of a specialization in dispute resolution to the student's degree program, the student's career goals, and the student's interest in the study of dispute resolution.
  3. Present proof of enrollment and good standing in a graduate degree program of a participating academic unit (i.e. unofficial transcript).
  4. Prepare a list of proposed courses for the Portfolio. 
    [Students will work with the Faculty Steering Committee member of their academic unit to develop the final set of courses for the student's portfolio.]

When completed, all application materials should be forwarded to the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution, The University of Texas School of Law, 727 E. Dean Keeton, Austin, Texas 78705.
FAX: 512- 232-1191

APPLICATION DEADLINE: The Spring semester application deadline is March 10th (or next business day) and the Fall semester deadline is October 10th (or next business day).