Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution

Building Collaboration

Course Requirements

Students must complete twelve credit hours from a list of courses approved by the program's faculty steering committee. Students can request that courses not on the list be approved on an ad hoc basis.

The courses selected must meet four substantive requirements:

  1. a course in basic conflict or dispute resolution theory;
  2. a course containing advanced material and skill-building activities related to one of the three major skill areas of the DR concentration: arbitration, mediation, or negotiation;
  3. an internship or other practical application of dispute resolution processes; and
  4. a course that results in a research paper on dispute resolution. ( A student may write a paper which will count toward both this requirement and the symposium requirement. In this case, the student should coordinate with the Portfolio Faculty Steering Committee member who will be responsible for the evaluation of research papers submitted for presentation to the symposium .)

In addition to the course requirements, the student must also meet the research requirement described under Research Paper and Symposium.

The portfolio program is designed so students may complete the requirements of the program without extending the time necessary to complete the students graduate degree program.


Approved Courses lists by semester These documents list approved program courses by semester taught starting from Spring 2008.

Fall 2012 courses

Spring 2012 courses

Fall 2011 courses

Spring 2011 courses

Fall 2010 courses

Summer 2010 courses

Spring 2010 courses

Fall 2009 courses

Summer 2009

Spring 2009 courses

Fall 2008 courses

Summer 2008 courses

Spring 2008 courses

Complete List of Approved Courses This document lists all approved courses.

Memo for Ad-hoc Course Approval

Memo for Ad-hoc Internship Approval

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