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Portfolio Student Academic and Professional Achievements

Faculty Positions:

Lee Smithey, 2002 Graduate, Ph.D. Sociology, Professorship in Sociology and Anthropology at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania.

Susan Szmania, 2004 Graduate, Ph.D., Communications Studies, Professorship in Peace studies and mediation, University of Wisconson, Milwaukee.

Stephanie Brandenberg, 2004 Graduate, Ph.D., Construction Engineering, Professorship in Building Construction, Virginia PolyTechnic Institute.

Publications and Conferences:

Lydia Belzer - Domestic Abuse and Divorce Mediation: Suggestions for a Safer Process, Loyola University New Orleans Journal of Public Interest Law, Vol. 5, No.1, Fall 2003.

Mike Pappas - - UMASS Boston, College of Public and Community Service, Graduate Programs in Dispute Resolution, Paper Presentation at the Conference on Conflict Studies, a New Generation of Ideas, October 28-30, 2004.


“I have really enjoyed the Portfolio Program and have gained a lot from exposure to classes and people that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to work with.  The program is very well-organized and efficiently run.  It has been a really good experience for me and has definitely enriched my studies.”

- Steven Rossiter, Community & Regional Planning Department at the School of Architecture

" The Portfolio Program in Dispute Resolution is an excellent program. In my recent interviews, prospective employers have expressed interest in the program and the Portfolio Program has been a point of discussion."

- C.P. Smith, LBJ School of Public Affairs/ McCombs School of Business

" It's a great introduction into the topic... I think it's a great program for people in the Construction Engineering and Project Management program in Civil Engineering."

- Mike Pappas, Civil Engineering, Project Management Consultant

" The Portfolio Program provided practical skills that have aided me in my professional career and personal life."

- Natalie Niles Arguello, School of Law, Attorney-Mediator

" I believe that ADR is a huge benefit to business and government. Knowing about it; how to use it; when to use it; etc., adds to my book of knowledge. It has been valuable in adding muscle to my advocacy."

- TJ Costello, LBJ School of Public Affairs, Chief Economist