Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution

Building Collaboration


One of the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution's missions is to provide dispute resolution assistance in Texas, primarily for state and local governmental agencies and courts. Assistance is provided in the resolution of public policy issues and in the planning and designing of systems for ongoing use of ADR processes within government programs and the courts. The goal is public cost-savings, increased efficiency of public administration, and enhanced quality of public services.

The Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution provides a number of ADR services to governmental entities, policymakers, and others involved in public disputes. Services regularly provided by Center staff and qualified subcontractors supervised by staff include:

Factors considered when reviewing requests for Center services include public policy impact, staff availability, and conformance with the Center’s strategic plan. If you would like to learn more about Center services, contact Susan Schultz (Program Director) or Suzanne Schwartz (Environmental Program Director) at (512) 471-3507.