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September 21, 2012

New Girls’ Network Website Launched

The New Girls’ Network, founded in 2010 as The Wise Women’s Network, has launched a website that aims to combine practical advice about real-life situations with social science. Their mission is to provide a guide to position women to rise in the ranks of corporate infrastructure. Center for Women in Law Founding Members Laura McMahon and Catherine Lamboley as well as Leader-in-Residence Roberta Liebenberg are three of the many powerful women who back the New Girls’ Network and meet twice a year to discuss personal experiences as high-ranking women.

Features of the New Girls’ Network Website include a blog with contributions from the New Girls and Joan Williams of the Huffington Post, an Ask the New Girls section, information about four patterns of gender bias, and biographies of the New Girls.

The Center for Women in Law encourages you to take advantage of this valuable resource.