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September 21, 2012

Roberta Liebenberg Named 2012 Recipient of the Florence K. Murray Award

Center for Women in Law Leader in Residence Roberta Liebenberg was recently honored by the National Association of Women Judges with the Florence K. Murray Award. The Florence K. Murray Award recognizes a nominee who has acted as a strong leader for women within the field of law.

“The award, given annually, recognizes a non-judge who has, by her example and otherwise, influenced women to pursue careers, opened doors for women attorneys, or advanced opportunities for women in the legal profession. Bobbi has done all three, and the award could not go to a more deserving individual,” said Justice Fernande Duffly.

Roberta is a senior partner at Fine, Kaplan and Black in Philadelphia. Her practice focuses on class action, antitrust, and complex commercial litigation. In the past, she has worked with the National Association of Women Judges on projects such as the Friends Committee for their 2007 Annual Conference. While serving a three-year term as Chair of the ABA Commission of Women in the Profession, Roberta and the National Association of Women Judges collaborated on a variety of other ventures aimed to promote gender diversity in the workplace. An awards ceremony will be held in November at the National Association of Women Judges Annual Conference in Washington D.C. in honor of this achievement.

The Center’s Leaders-In-Residence program integrates women of national and local prominence into the Center for Women in Law and expands the Center’s reach in the legal community.  In collaboration with the Executive Director, LIRs develop and implement new programs for the Center, serve as a resource to students and alumni, and work to strengthen relationships between national leaders and the Center.

The Center for Women in Law congratulates Roberta on this well-deserved honor.