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March 8, 2013

2013 Women’s Power Summit on Law & Leadership to Convene Women Leaders in Law

The Center for Women in Law will convene women leaders in law for the 2013 Women’s Power Summit on Law & Leadership on April 10-12th, 2013, at the Four Seasons in Austin, TX.

Held every two years, the Women’s Power Summit is one of the most significant gatherings of women attorneys in the country. Featured speakers this year include Harvard University professor Mahzarin Banaji, judge for the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts Nancy Gertner, and president of the American Bar Association Laurel Bellows. Additional speakers include United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Judge Carolyn King and Former United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Attendance is limited to general counsel, management-level partners, judges, government officials, law school deans, state bar presidents, and thought leaders.

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