Accelerate: First-Year Associates

A strong foundation during the first-year in practice will have lasting impacts on the careers of women attorneys. The result will be more women attorneys staying at their firms and in the profession longer and reaching for higher leadership positions.

The Center for Women in Law designed  the new Accelerate program to focus on this vital time during an attorney’s career.  Participants of Accelerate become part of a year-long program created to speed the first-year associate transition of high-achieving women law students to high-performing lawyers.

Accelerate: First-Year Associates goes beyond the traditional orientation training offered at law firms to dig deeper into the questions surrounding retention of women associates and the pipeline to partnership.  In addition, CWIL will use the program to better understand the impact of the first year experience on women’s advancement and will share the insights we develop with participating law firms.

Associates will attend a one-day program at Texas Law that will be followed by roundtable meetings led by CWIL staff.  The roundtable meetings will he held every 4-8 weeks in convenient locations throughout Texas and will build a foundation for strong professional networks in participants’ local communities.

More information on the agenda can be found here.

Sponsor Your First-Year Associates

Law firms are invited to sponsor their first-year women associates to attend Accelerate.  Cost per associate is $1,200.

Questions?  Contact CWIL Courtney Chavez at (512) 232-1911 or



This program is made possible in part by the generous donations of

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