Ex Libris – Women In Law: Discovering the True Meaning of Success

Location: Zoom

The Center for Women in Law hosted an Ex Libris event featuring the book Women in Law: Discovering the True Meaning of Success.

Women in Law Discovering the True Meaning of Success chronicles the stories of 23 women lawyers as each one embarks on her own personal journey of self-love, self-reflection, and self-awareness to define for herself what success means in law — and in life. We had a panel discussion with four of the 23 authors from the book. 

Each story in Women in Law is as unique as the author, expressing the trials and tribulations leading to a defining moment in each author’s life. Some women share heartbreaking stories of challenges they have overcome, while others share stories of how they gained the strength to make the choice, in some cases, to follow a different path.

Women in Law provides uplifting and triumphant recollections with words of encouragement for those considering a career in law. Pre-law students, law students, and new lawyers will find these stories particularly poignant and helpful. In fact, women in any profession will find this book uplifting and encouraging as they embark on their path toward defining success for themselves. Each story depicts a particularly evocative discovery of what is meaningful and how defining success is a personal endeavor.

The authors are confident that Women in Law will help dispel the myths surrounding the practice of law and its traditional definition of “success” while honoring the sacrifices that many women have made, and feel they must continue to make, to reach the pinnacle.

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Event series: Ex Libris Series