Susan Escallier (Brigadier General)
Brigadier General Susan Escallier, Assistant Judge Advocate General for Military Law and Operations

October Power Lunch featuring Brigadier General Susan Escallier

Location: TNH 2.139

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Brigadier General Susan Escallier is a career Army officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. She has decades of experience practicing law in deployed settings, advising commanders, coalition partners, host nation governments, and working in conjunction with international organizations and interagency partners.

She currently serves as the Assistant Judge Advocate General for Military Law and Operations. Her focus is the development of strategic legal policy for the US Army.

Throughout her career she has provided legal advice in dynamic and multifaceted military operations including the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the establishment of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. In 2009 she served as the legal advisor for the Security Agreement Secretariat in Iraq, and in 2015 as the senior attorney in Iraq during Operation Inherent Resolve. She has worked extensively in Korea and in Japan with US Allies and Partners in the Pacific on numerous multinational training exercises. The domestic legal highlight of her career was her tenure as a military trial judge presiding over courts-martial at numerous Army installations. In a later assignment, she was a Division Chief in the US Army’s Legislative Liaison Office where she focused on Army-specific legislation and other areas of congressional interest.

Prior to her selection for Brigadier General, she served as the senior attorney for the Joint Force Command, United Assistance in Liberia during the Department of Defense deployment to contain the spread of Ebola.

Brigadier General Escallier holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley, a Juris Doctor from Ohio State University, a Masters in Law from the US Army Judge Advocate General’s School and a Master of Science in Resource Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.
Brigadier General Escallier’s scholarly interests include the worldwide employment and continued legitimacy and enhancement of the Military Justice system; the Military’s responsible development and employment of artificial intelligence to enhance Soldier survivability and lethality; and the application of the Law of Armed Conflict to emerging technologies and cyber warfare. In these professional pursuits, she regularly contributes to academic and professional conferences, routinely serving as a guest lecturer, panelist, and keynote speaker.

Assistant Judge Advocate General
for Military Law and Operations
U.S. Army
Brigadier General
Susan K. Escallier


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