Past Event: Powerful in 2021

The Center for Women in Law is excited to have partnered with Take The Lead to provide an impactful live virtual workshop aimed at women lawyers five to ten years out of law school.

In 2020, women in the legal profession adapted to remarkable professional and personal changes.  In many cases, women – especially women of color – bore the brunt of the pandemic’s impact.  As lawyers, you’re used to empowering others.  Now is the time to invest in your own power and come out stronger in the new post-COVID world.

Powerful in 2021: Competence, Confidence and Intention for Women in Law focused on preparing you to advance your success and become more powerful in the inevitable transitions you’ll encounter post-COVID and beyond.

This workshop focused on:

●     Setting actionable steps to advance your career

●     Identifying what differentiates you (your points of power)

●     Restructuring power in a way that better suits everyone (not just women)

●     Meeting peers across the country who are working on developing these skills