Texas Law students Lisa Elizondo and Emily Fitzgerald worked on this case that resulted in the Supreme Court ruling that home buyers don’t have to file a lawsuit when confronting a mortgage lender with an alleged violation of the federal Truth in Lending Act.
Source: Austin American Statesman

In October 2014, Center for Women in Law hosted a four-part lunch series that showcased accomplished and influential women at the top of their careers: Arianna Huffington, Linda L. Addison, Susan L. Blount, and Arleas Upton Kea.
Source: CWIL Press Release

Members of the CWIL’s Consortium for Advancing Women Lawyers sent a letter to Prof. Jaime Dodge at Duke Law School’s Center for Judicial Studies urging her to include guidance to judges on how to promote diversity in court appointments in a new guide she is creating for MDL judges and practitioners.
Source: CWIL Press Release